Here's Why Calvin Harris May Have Agreed To Remix Spice Girls' '2 Become 1'

If you believe the validity of this viral tweet, Calvin Harris may just have to remix the Spice Girls' smash hit, "2 Become 1" in honor of Australia's recent legalization of same-sex marriage. 

As the story goes, Harris once made a deal with a fan by the name of Filip Odzak and the supporter has taken to Twitter to remind the Scottish DJ about a handshake-sealed deal that he made with the chart-topper five years ago. In a now-viral tweet, Odzak has made public Harris' promise to remix "2 Become 1" once marriage equality became legalized in Australia. 

"We made a deal - sealed with a handshake - that you would remix the Spice Girls' 2 Become 1 when marriage equality was finally legalised in Australia, he wrote in the tweet, which has gone on to score more than 20K likes. "Well, it just happened today. For five years I've been waiting for this! I'm very excited to hear what you do with the track to celebrate the occasion."

Oh, and it looks like Emma Button is more than happy with the idea of revamping the iconic pop track for the 2017 audience. "Let's spice up Calvin Harris! It would be fab for Calvin to remix 2 Become 1," she recently told The Sun.

Photo: Getty Images

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