The Lucas Family's Christmas Wish

Dear KDWB Christmas Wish,

We are writing on behalf of a family who needs a little glimpse of joy during this holiday season. Tragically, on Sunday, November 26th, the Lucas family of Inver Grove Heights, lost their home to a fire. Amy was driving home from swimming with her son, Owen, who is 15 years old, and smelled the smoke when they pulled into their garage. Mike and their daughter, Noelle, who will be 8 on the 22nd, happened to be at home when it started. Amy called the fire department immediately but the damage from smoke and flames had already spread. Luckily, everyone got out safe except the family cat, Fiona, who was lost in the fire. Sadly, they are now faced with the burden of starting over with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Amy and Mike are hard working parents, who are more concerned about the happiness of their children more than collecting materialistic objects. Amy has dedicated the past 22 years working with toddlers in a child-care center. Mike works full time in an office. Owen is your typical teenage boy who loves swimming and soccer. Noelle loves to dance and dress up in anything that sparkles. Although they have lost everything, they are doing their very best to stay positive and hopeful during this holiday season.

With Christmas and Noelle's birthday quickly approaching, it’s hard to imagine all they are struggling with: rebuilding their home, buying furniture, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, continuing to work full time and staying positive through it all.

We know that this wish is one of many, but please consider helping this humble, caring, and loving family during this time. Even just something small would go such a long way for the Lucas family. Mike and Amy don't even have shoes; they have been putting their main focus on their children.

Thank you for your consideration and our prayers and thoughts go out to the Lucas family.

We jumped at the chance to grant this Christmas Wish for Mike, Amy and their family!

For the Nelsen family we gave a $500 Coborns Delivers Gift Card, $101 SuperAmerica Gift Card, $500 Target gift card courtesy of the Prouty Family, $100 SMAAASH Game Card, $100 Masu Sushi gift card and 20 Rounds of golf at Glow in One Mini Golf. An Xbox One courtesy of Pepsi! Games like Life, Sorry! and Monopoly for family game night. Bathroom accessories. 

For Amy, new Nike & Van's sneakers, winter clothes, bath & body accessories, water bottle and Christmas stocking. Mike received new sneakers and boots, grill, bath & body accessories, winter clothes, shaving kit and Christmas stocking. Son, Owen, got $100 Xbox gift card, plus 6 moths Xbox Live Membership. Xbox games and accessories, water bottle, bath & body accessories and Christmas stocking. Lastly, Noelle received Just Dance for Xbox, Shopkins, Barbies, make-up & accessories and Christmas stocking.

We couldn't do KDWB's Christmas Wish without your donations. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Special thanks to Venture Bank. Plus, part of the donations will automatically go to YouthLink to help homeless youth in the Twin Cities. 

LISTEN: Dave Ryan calls to surprise the Lucas Family with a KDWB Christmas Wish

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