It's Not Christmas Until I Hear These Songs

Here's a little smattering of songs I love to hear at Christmas.

Let's start off with "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."  There are dozens of versions but I think I like this one by the Carpenters the most.  The line, "Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow" struck me as powerful even when I was a little kid.  Hearing it today still takes me right back to those days, standing in the living room by my mom and dad's Christmas tree in my pajamas and seeing all the presents under the tree.

Next up:  "Do They Know It's Christmas?"  It was the first massive collaboration for charity and it happened in time for Christmas in 1984.  There had never been anything like it.  A lot of the artists on the song have faded from our memories but Phil Collins is on drums, Boy George, Sting, George Michael and Bono have a few lines along with Duran Duran and Bananarama. (Does anyone else remember Bananarama?)  It's a beautiful song that's aged very well and inspired the even-bigger song "We Are the World" done just 6 months later.

And below is the single best Christmas song of all time, IMO!  The musicianship is incredible cuz back in those days, they recorded songs like this all at the same time, no separate tracks! And it just SOUNDS like Christmas.  The versions of "Sleigh Ride" with lyrics aren't my favorite because the lyrics are kinda dumb.  But this one is awesome!  The trumpet as the horse whinnying and the whip cracking and the clip-clops?  I love this!

And check out even more Christmas music via iHeartRadio below!

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