Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: We Might Be Getting Another Dog

I won’t bury the headline, there’s a chance we’re getting a dog!  We haven’t been looking but Falen heard about a dog rescued from a puppy mill in Oklahoma by Underdogs Rescue. The pup is a nine-month Golden Doodle and while it isn’t confirmed that we’re gonna get him I feel pretty good about it.  

He’s was a bit shy but I think he would be a great fit for our family.  We had him over for almost two hours on Sunday, he did great with the kids and after a brief warm-up was awesome with Charlie. 

There's a lot going on with the possible new puppy but I don't want to skip the other stuff.  

Isaac and I went to Marvel Avengers Live at Xcel and it was great, he loved it, kids love it, a lot of fun.  Afterwards back home so I could get something to eat and get over to ballet practice, yes, that's right, my daughter is in the Nutcracker this year and I'm one of the parents in the first act.  

Lastly, this is just something I think is pretty cool.  In the background that is our kid's DISASTER of a playroom that they spent the entire afternoon cleaning.  The LEGO dragon in the picture was taken with the new augmented reality app by LEGO and it's awesome and if you have a kid or if you love LEGO it's worth checking out because it's seriously mindblowing. 

Augment Realty Lego

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