Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/8 -12/10

I did literally nothing on Friday night and it was glorious.  Saturday I worked at my serving job and then forced myself to hit the gym. I had been in a great work out routine to prep for Jingle Ball but fell off this last week once it was done so it felt good to get into the gym Saturday. 

I haven't gotten any Christmas presents so I attempted to hit up the Rosedale Mall and managed to buy presents for one person. Still have 5 people to go. Help!I was going to stay in again Saturday but the FOMO kicked in and I decided to meet up with some girlfriends downtown.  I ran into these listeners at The Loon and had a lovely chat.  Wonderful to meet you ladies! 

The night took a turn once we started taking grape ape shots.  The bouncer saw us taking pictures and wanted to be in them haha. 

And due to the grape ape shots I had quite the hangover Sunday.  I was too lazy to cook anything so I had this really healthy gas station meal.  A chicken caesar wrap, sour cream and onion chips, and a Barq's rootbeer. YOLO

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