Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: December 8-10

What? Is it Monday Eve already?  But I was just getting excited for Friday!

I honestly didn't do too much this weekend.  Susan and I watched "Christmas With the Kranks" on Friday. It was okay.  Not silly enough to be a kid's movie, but too silly to be a purely grown-up movie.  It's no Elf, that's for sure!

I saw this idea online.  The UPS, USPS and FedEx people are super busy this year so I made this little box of treats and put it on the front porch!

This is a bunch of magic tricks I have. I've been practicing for a magic show for Cub Scouts that I'm doing Monday night.

Susan and I played Rummikub Saturday night.  I won.  Twice.  :) It's not my very favorite game but it's fun once in awhile.

Was this a highlight of my weekend?  Not really, but some movie company sent me a pair of doggie bull horns from the movie "Ferdinand."  And Josie didn't really seem to mind!

And this is hardly a highlight.  I had a Sharpie with the cap off in my back pocket and then like a dummy, I forgot about it and sat on the couch.  Why did I have a Sharpie in my pocket with no cap?  It was part of practicing for the magic show.  Woops.  Susan was NOT happy.

Two weeks from Christmas, can you believe it?  Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog!

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