Picture This! Imagine Life Through the Eyes of the Dave Ryan Show

Katy Perry "Picture This" twitter post from last week inspired the cast of the Dave Ryan Show to do their own version of "Picture This".  


I come home from 10th grade carrying my giant boom box from Montgomery Wards playing Come Sail Away by Styx and stop at the store for Fun Dip and Orange Crush. I turn on the TV to watch Dukes of Hazard while I do my homework and type up my report on a Smith Corona Coronamatic typewriter while eating original flavor Pringle's cuz it was the only flavor.


Picture this, you’re holding your beanie baby and listening to Spice Girls and Mmmbop on your bus ride home for school. You call your BFF on your cordless phone so you can watch tonight's episode of Boy Meets World together and eat Chef Boyardee mini ravioli for dinner!


Picture this. You walk home from school wearing shoes from American Eagle, a necklace from Hot Topic and a black shirt that says ‘Zero’. You turn on Sega and play Sonic the Hedgehog until 7pm when TGIF starts on ABC. Around 11 you head to bed, yellow Sony Walkman in one hand and a stack of cd’s you got for a penny from Columbia house in the other.


Picture This: Me in a Hollister t-shirt, with Hollister jeans, smelling like Hollister August, listening to Mr. Brightside by The Killers and pretending no one understands me on my iPod video (1st Generation) while going home to watch Laguna Beach and update my top 8 on MySpace to remove my friend who told me she doesn't like to shop at Hollister.


Picture this, You walk home from middle school in your white and pink Vans with your neighbor down the street.  As soon as you get home you pull out your Skip It and Pogo Stick to play with but in between breaks, draw a hop scotch in your driveway with chalk. When the sun goes down you run inside for some of Mom's homemade Mac N' Cheese and catch a quick episode of "Lizzie McGuire" before heading to bed. 

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