Five Things You Didn't Know About Your Kids and Social Media

Shout out to Parents Magazine and!  Always some great parenting tips on their site and I love sharing them with you.

This time it's about your younger kids and social media.  Kids now get phones in about 3rd grade because we parents realize how helpful they are when planning or finding out when your kid is coming home from her friends, or whether she's staying there for dinner.   That sort of thing.

But then there's the whole "Snapchat" and "Instagram" thing. Parents worry about what they're seeing, whether they're getting bullied and yes, what their own kids are posting!

Here's a sample from the article:

Have your child ask herself one simple question before posting anything. And the question is this: "Would you show this to your grandmother?" Oooh. Good one. Or maybe this would work better for you: "Would you be proud to have your teacher see this?"

Check out the entire article right here.

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