Dave Has a Doppleganger That's Freaky but There's More....

This is crazy!  Rebecca emailed claiming her husband looks like Dave and we were suspect until we saw the picture.  HOLY COW!!!  They could be twins but what's even weirder is the similarities in their life, that's when things get really weird.  Read Rebecca's email below.

Dave's Doppleganger

Dear Dave,

A few years ago I was out with my husband and a woman approached my husband wanting his autograph. 

She insisted he was you! 

My husband named Patrick Ryan said that he wasn’t, but she went on to say “yes you are and you have a son named Carson.”  

Well, we do!

But there’s even more:

Our Carson is also a junior in high school.

Our Carson plays percussion.

Patrick and I lived in Colorado for several years.

I am a Buckeye (like Susan)- graduates in ‘92.

I would love to take one of those DNA tests to see if you are related to Patrick Ryan! At the very least I would love to get a picture of our families together.

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