"TiK-ToK", Kesha turns back the clock at KDWB's Jingle Ball ⏰

Back and, as many would call her, better than ever Kesha took the stage at KDWB's Jingle Ball armed with hits new and old ready to blow away the huge crowd on hand.

Opening her set with new hits "Praying" and "Learn to Let Go" Kesha Rose had the crowd right where she wanted them when she threw it back to the old school and got the crowd off their feet turning back the clock to 2010 when Kesha took the world by storm.

With iPhone lights lighting the arena the first few notes of "Tik-Tok" bounced through the arena only to be overcome by the deafening screams of the crowd and the running feet as those who opted to run to the concessions quickly turned about face and ran back to their seats.