Liam Payne kicks off mini One Direction reunion at KDWB's Jingle Ball

Okay, so it wasn't really a reunion of sorts, but come on two-fifths of the former ginormous boy band were both under the same roof at KDWB's Jingle Ball in St. Paul, MN. 

With Niall Horan taking in the show backstage, the boy band fun started Why Don't We and then Liam Payne took the stage to kickoff the first leg of the One Direction showcase. With KDWB's Steve-O and Raven paving the way for him Liam decided Jingle Ball was the perfect place to "Strip that down" and give the fans what they wanted!

Both Liam and Niall were spotted together at previous stops along the Jingle Ball tour already this year so we'll have to stay tuned to see if they pop up together again tonight!