Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 12/1 - 12/3

I just paid my 6 year old car off in November and it was such a great feeling.  Well, I started the weekend by taking it in because I was getting a notification that my engine was overheating and now am being told I have about $700 in repairs that need to be done to it.  Not exactly how I was looking to begin a weekend but as the famous phrase goes, s*** happens. 

I go for runs around the lakes in uptown a lot and love when I end up going as the sun sets.  This was Saturday at about 5:00pm at Lake of the Isles.

I had 'Gurlfrandsgiving' Saturday night and made Apple Pie Bites.  It was a pretty simple recipe but somewhat tedious.  They turned out pretty great though!

Here's part of the spread (missing meatballs, gingerbread dip, and much more wine): 

And here are all of the ladies that were able to make it!

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