Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: We Murdered a Christmas Tree

Did you notice the full moon this weekend?  I'm blaming that for the bad luck this weekend, between our kids acting like maniacs and every piece of tech I own not working along with my wife's truck battery not working this weekend was a bear, to say the least. 

The first pic is from Nutcracker rehearsal on Saturday, our daughter is part of the show and here I am taking selfies, wearing one of the masks. 

Saturday afternoon we drove up to B&J Christmas Tree farm and after a long time driving around we finally found a tree that took a while to cut down because doing it with saws can be a process. 

Charlie in his Santa we made him wear at the Christmas tree farm and yes, he hated it!  

Isaac and I after we finished cutting down the tree

This was an awesome surprise on Sunday morning.  Isaac and I were at Bruggers in Maple Grove and Stephanie came up to me and said she loves Christmas Wish.  She then proceeded to buy two $25 Caribou Gift cards for us to give as part of Christma Wish.  

Stephanie giving me Caribou gift cards for Christmas Wish

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