Steve-O's Favorite Things 2017

Favorite Book:  Walter Isaacson “Leonard Da Vinci”

I loved Leonardo Da Vinci as a kid, my Aunt had pics of his work in her house, I, of course, loved the idea that he was part of the Illuminati. That's nothing. His life story told by biographer, Walter Isaacson is a deep dive into Da Vinci's process, work and life and it’s truly fascinating.  You do not need to be an art snob to love it because the book is less about art as it's about a curious guy.

App:  Headspace 

This is something I’ve been trying for the past 25 days, meditation.  The Headspace app has been by the far the best one I’ve used.  

Favorite podcast:  Nerdist

 I love podcasts, I put them on a platter and while there’s been some great ones this year including S Town Nerdist is still my favorite podcast of the year.  


Clothing: Lulu Lemon Compression Underwear

Weird choice, I know but I got my first pair of Lulu Lemon Compression Underwear back in October and I don’t know what it is exactly but they’re my favorite underwear…ever.  They just keep everything in the right place. (yes, this is picture of me wearing them) 

Lulu Lemon Underwear

Online Store:  Teepublic

It’s the Etsy of T-shirts.  Graphic designers sell their super unique and a lot of times hilarious designs on this site.

Favorite Phone Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8

Got this phone in the last four months and the camera is next level. It takes amazing video and pictures, here’s a few I took recently in downtown Minneapolis.

Drink:  Moscow Mule

Started drinking it two years because I’m a sucker for a copper mug.  

TV Show: Suits

I’ve watched for the last 6 seasons even before anyone could even imagine Megan Markle becoming royalty. 

TV Show past: The West Wing

Sick day?  Nothing going on?  I can turn on Netflix and just watch this show because it’s just “watchable”.  

Dog Park:  Crow Hassan Dog Park

On the border of St. Michael and Rogers (where I live) this park is huge and my go to dog park because it’s massive, my dog, Charlie loves it.

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