I Have Prosopagnosia???

For years and years I've had some trouble remembering faces.  Not just the typical, once-in-awhile thing where you run into someone and can't remember who they are.  More of a weird, almost constant thing of seeing someone, talking to them, enjoying the conversation and then introducing myself to them, only to have them tell me we've met before.  Sometimes many times before.

It sucks and it's embarrassing.  It makes me worry that people think I'm so self-absorbed or stupid that I don't recognize a face.  Or that I care so little about people I don't remember their faces. It really was a relief to find out that's not the case. After all, I knew I cared about people and really wanted to remember them.

It's not like it happens all the time.  I recognize nearly everyone at work, Boy Scouts, the neighbors, etc. It's just that one episode every few days where Falen or Steve or my wife have to whisper to me, "Okay, you've met this guy before. He's a concert promoter named Bob. Don't introduce yourself to him."

Last week, a doctor from the U of M, Dr. Kirsten Dalrymple, sent me an email asking if I would record a short video talking about my experiences with facial recognition.

I was very happy to do it and here it is.

BTW, if I've met you before and we run into each other again and I act like I've never met you, it's either because I owe you money, or because of this condition.

Here is an article about prosopagnosia in children.

And a wesbite about prosopagnosia in adults.

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