Things You Do Everyday That Would Have Made No Sense Years Ago

GREAT article from Buzzfeed!  No we did NOT take pictures of our food back in the day!

Nor did we pay for water cuz it was free everywhere!  BTW, bottled water is one of my pet peeves.  With the exception of Flint, Michigan, every supply of drinking water in the US is perfectly safe.  Most bottled water comes directly from the bottling company's city water supply, with some extra filtration, maybe.  THEN, huge gas-guzzling trucks are used to deliver it to stores AND most of the bottles end up in landfills.

All so we can tell ourselves we're doing the right thing by drinking water.  Seriously, we are being SCAMMED.

Back to the article.  It's from Buzzfeed and it's awesome.  Here it is!

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