Jenny's Thanksgiving Week in Five Pics

I headed back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. Every year the Wednesday before Thanksgiving a big bar in my hometown throws a party called Gobblefest with local bands.  This was the first year I was able to make it since turning 21 and it was a blast.  I ran into multiple people I haven't seen since high school so here I am with an old friend, Angel. 

It was my mom's birthday on Thanksgiving this year so I attempted to take some pictures with her and my favorites were the ones where she was trying to clean pie out of her teeth.  (Love ya mom!)

This is only about half of the dishes we had for our Thanksgiving feast. 

Friday night I went to see my friend's band, Star Six Nine, play at a charity event.

I headed back to Minneapolis Saturday because I had to work on Sunday at my serving job.  The new owner had a local artist put together a mural of Minneapolis and it got put up last week.  I think it's awesome, and you can come check it out for yourself (at the Stray Dog in Northeast Mpls).

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