Dave's Weekend in Five, Make That TEN Photos! Thanksgiving!

It was a WONDERFUL long weekend!  We went to Colorado, all my kids and my two grandkids were there!  We kept so busy that we never really sat around doing nothing.  The only sitting we did was when we were playing games which we did a ton.

BTW, there was no way I could narrow it down to five pictures.  I tried, but I knew someone would feel left out and get pissed! LOL!

Let's get started!  Above is me showing my grandkids, Kelsea and Liam, how to make a fire. Did they learn much?  Naw probably not, but no one got hurt and we did get the fire started!

Thanksgiving Day, we got a picture of the whole family next to a barn my dad built 40 years ago. That's Chase's girlfriend, Maddie, on the right.

Friday we went snowboarding at Breckenridge.

I bought the grandkids "I Spy" which was tons of fun.

Carson and I went to the TV station in Colorado Springs to watch Chase do the news.

Carson and I went to the Air Force football game vs Utah State, probably the second best football game I've ever seen in person OR on TV, and I was at the BEST football game ever! "The Drive"

These are all my kids! Chase, Allison, Carson and Beth! We're playing Dutch Blitz, my favorite game to play with family besides Settlers of Catan. It's super-easy to learn and really fun!

That's Allison clapping because her niece Kelsea, just put together a puzzle asking her to be the flower girl in Allison's wedding next year. And Kelsea said yes!

And that's her nephew Liam, saying yes to being the ring bearer, although we had to explain to him what a ring bearer is!

Carson won the final game of the weekend of Settlers.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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