Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/10 - 11/12

This weekend was somewhat low key for me.  I started my weekend with a Warrior Sculpt class at Lifetime with Steve-O!  My glutes were nice and sore after that class.

Friday night I grabbed Happy Hour at Red Cow in Uptown with my friend Alexa.  I used to live across the street from it when it was Green Mill so it was weird going in there for the first time since it switched to a Red Cow. 

We ended up going out downtown after HH.  My friend is a hair stylist and as a result she ended up braiding some random guy's hair at the bar. Don't ask me why. 

I know I'm about 7 years late on this one but I started watching Game of Thrones a couple months ago and decided to stay in Saturday night and binge watch some episodes. 

I've talked about having a serving job a few times on-air and might have mentioned that I worked at The Bulldog in Northeast.  There was a change in ownership so it's called The Stray Dog now.  The head kitchen guy bought the place so not only is the food better, but the atmosphere is also awesome.  I usually only work one shift a week but was there for brunch both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  If you're ever in Northeast Minneapolis and want a place with great food and drinks, come visit me! 

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