Dave's Weekend in Five Photos November 10-12

Happy post-weekend!

I was in Colorado and here's a look at what I did in five photos!

Up first, I went to a hole-in-the-wall bar in the town I grew up in.  It's been there about 70 years and I always run into someone I knew.  Except this time.  Check out the guy behind me on the left.  Everyone is drinking and talking and he's on his computer.  I stole a glance at what he was looking at and it was an article on "Church Safety." Kind of a weird article to be reading in a bar, but okay!

Hey look! It's a deer in my yard!  Sorry, I just had to!  But he was quite impressive!  And I looked up the difference between a mule deer (like this one) and a whitetail deer.  Do YOU know the difference?

Of course, I had to watch my son Chase doing the news on TV!  Still so odd to see but so cool!  Not the best picture of him, I realize!

The story behind the blanket:

My oldest sister had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and is in a nursing home until she gets better.  I went to see her Saturday and there was an old lady there selling blankets. I think I'm the only one who bought one because there wasn't a lot of potential customers there.  But for $40 she was happy and felt good about it!

This is Pulpit Rock on the north side of Colorado Springs.  I've driven past it 1000's of times but only recently found out there's a trail to the top.  So I climbed it and it was beautiful and awesome but I tried to climb up on the very top like these people are doing and when my head got just above the brown layer of rock, something in my mind said, "Nope!  We out!" and I climbed back down.  I'm not a big fan of heights and it hit me hard that time!

Thanks for looking at my blog!  I hope you have a great week!

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