Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 11/3 - 11/5

I had playoffs for my Fall kickball league on Saturday.  We were ranked 7 out of 14 going into playoffs and won our first game. We had to play the team that's won the last few championships in Round 2 and had it tied until the second to last inning, then they got 3 runs on us and beat us 4 to 1.  I'm proud of our team because last season we could barely win a game and this season we came back fighting! 

Our first game was at 9am and we didn't play again until noon so we went back to my place in between because it ended up being quite chilly out on Saturday.
Playoffs are always kind of funny because some of the best teams get out in the first round.  This is my friend Lexi who's team was in second place during the regular season and then lost their first game.  Luckily she had this box of Fireball to take comfort in after her team's loss. 

Saturday night, Falen and I hosted a pre-party before Hunks the Show at Treasure Island.  I met a bunch of wonderful listeners including these fabulous ladies!

And then of course we stuck around for some shirtless dancing men.  I should probably know this guy's name but I was a bit distracted by his abs so we'll just call him the Main Hunk because he hosted the show. 

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