Internet Troll Attacks Falen's Teenage Niece

Falen's niece recently started her first Youtube channel and someone anonymously decided to leave this comment on her very first video.  

Trolls Comment

If you're having trouble reading with this bottom feeder wrote here's what the comment said.  

'From what I can gather from this video, you're under the impression that you're special. You probably listen to 21 Pilots and believe that the lyrics are written just for you.  You've probably self-diagnosed yourself with depression because once you thought about what it might be like to kill yourself.  For some unknown reason, god knows why, you think that you're creative, expressive talent who just hasn't been discovered yet. You surely participate in a drama department and you most likely have an inclusive friend group to seem more likable than you actually are. So let's break this down: you drew on your hand once and thought it looked pretty edgy so you decided you're probably an artist, you signed up for a higher level art class and didn't do well so you got all sad and decided to drop it. Next, you tried acting, when you didn't get the role for the Macy's spring sale ad you fell straight back into your school's drama department and auditioned for the lead role!  Except you're a talentless worm so you got Elf #6 instead of anything specific. You're in the dumps, so you decide that you probably have a great personality and need to share it with the world, that brings us here...and god I wish we never got here. Please just quit.

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