Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: November 3 - 5

Let's get started!  This is Friday night at a Pause For Paws fundraiser.  I was a blackjack dealer along with L-R Chris Hawkey, Steve-O, Alicia Lewis, Falen, Kate Raddatz, Laura Sharra, and Steve from "Twin Cities Live."  We had a great time, raised money and I met some really cool people.  Shout out to Dave who hung with me at my table all night and helped me with tough addition problems! :)

Opening night for Carson's school musical, Cinderella.  They did SUCH a great job!  Congrats to the cast and crew and the pit orchestra!  Carson is the drummer and he loves it!

The significance of this picture?  Josie finally got the cone off her head after two weeks.  She's free!  And in this picture it looks like her and Roger are getting along!

Carson and I went to see "Happy Death Day" at EPC and I have to say, I really liked it!  It was funny, creepy and really well-written!  We got there early and had a few minutes to kill so we got massages in these massage chairs.  3 minutes for a buck?  Not a bad deal!

The Tamagotchi is back!  (See my previous blog for a complete review) I got mine on Sunday and while it's nowhere near as fun or challenging as the original, it's still kinda cool.  When I cut the package open I cut through the instruction book and that's why I had to tape it all back together.  Woops.

Thanks for looking at my blog.  Have a great week!

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