Dave's Weekend in Five Photos September 22-24

Friday.  No I'm not actually dangling a toddler over a garbage can.  I'm hanging out at Pilgrim Cleaners for something I really believe in that they do every year.  They're taking donations of coats you don't wear anymore.  Just bring them to any Pilgrim location between now and October 14th.

Friday after school, Carson was laying around in his room so Susan and I and even the cat got on the bed with him to chat and plan the weekend.  I was surprised he didn't kick us out of his room, but he was cool with it.

Saturday I went to MOA, stopped for some Tim Horton's coffee and walked all the way around each level of the mall.  I went to the Microsoft store to try their latest VR system and was thinking about getting one, but the sales person who was doing the demos let the guy in front of me play for so long that I had time to think about it and decided I really didn't want one after all.  So thanks to that, I didn't get one!  I think it's that way with anything impulsive.  If we have enough time to think about doing something impulsive, we'll probably change our mind. Which can be good OR bad.

I know I've talked this book for a few weeks but I finally finished reading it this weekend.  It was so good, especially if you remember the 80's like I do!  When I got to the last couple of chapters, I almost didn't want to finish because I didn't want it to end.

And Sunday, I went running at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chan.  It was HOT! About 85 degrees, but it felt good.

Thanks for looking at my blog!  Have a great week!  Go find some coats you or your kids don't wear anymore and take them to Pilgrim Cleaners!

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