Me? Mountainboarding???

I do a lot of things I'm probably too old for.  I love playing video games.  I snowboard.  I skateboard.  As long as I can physically keep doing them, I'm going to.

When you get older, (if you're not already) don't let some unwritten rule say "You're too old for that." Screw that!  You do what you want to do!  And if you break your collarbone doing it, that's YOUR business!

I'd never even heard of mountainboarding until I saw some Boy Scouts doing it.  I thought, "I gotta get me one a them!"  So I found a cheap online and brought it to Colorado.  I got the gear on, (don't laugh at how the kneepads make my pants look funny) and got out on the dirt road near my house.  I hoped the neighbors wouldn't see me, and off I went.

Like most things, it got more fun and easier each time I did it.  Can't wait to go back out and try it again!

Remember, don't stop doing fun stuff just cuz you're not a kid anymore!  As long as you're healthy enough, you do whatever you want!

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