Dave's Weekend in Five Photos September 15-17

I flew to Colorado Saturday to see my son Chase, who just started as a TV anchor there.  So most of these pictures will be about that!  Here we go!

I got to see Chase do the news on Saturday night.  It was so cool!  Not only to see my son do this but to see how it works behind the scenes.  They make it look so easy!

Friday night before I left I went to see the Chan-Chaska football game.  Carson is in the marching band. Chan lost but who doesn't love high school football on a Friday night?

I reading this book called "Ready Player One" and it's awesome.  A member of my band told me about it and it's full of 80's pop culture references so of course, I love it.

After Chase finished working on Saturday night we went to the only place we could find that was still serving food.  And we met these two women who were totally hitting on Chase.  Especially the one on the right.  She asked us to do "edibles" with them.  Not a weed guy, but thanks!

And just now got home from taking Chase to dinner at "The Famous" which is the best restaurant in Colorado Springs in my opinion. Great to catch up and chat with my boy!

Thanks for looking at my blog!  Have a great week!

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