Former Eagle Scouts Now Playing in the NFL

I'm a big Scouting supporter.  I was in Boy Scouts, (but didn't make Eagle), my brother was in Scouts, (and made Eagle), My Dad was a Scout leader, and Carson is one meeting away from making Eagle.

So when I saw this list of NFL players who are former Eagle Scouts, I thought that's really cool!  I'm not a huge NFL guy because I find it really difficult to cheer for a guy on Sunday who was arrested for beating up his wife last Tuesday.  NOT THAT ALL NFL PLAYERS ARE BAD, NEARLY ALL ARE GOOD. But if there was only one drop of snot in your coffee, would you be okay with it and say, "Well, it's only ONE drop of snot, not the whole cup!"  Nope, not me.

And that makes me feel bad for the rest of the players in the NFL who do the right thing, are kind, and treat women and other people in general with respect.

Here are 10 former Eagle Scouts who are current NFL players.  Great job guys!  You're the kind of people I can support!

Here's the article.

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