If Your Kid is Being Bullied

I don't think any of my kids got bullied when they were younger.  With four kids, that's pretty good. I didn't get bullied too much but I was small and kind of nerdy and loud so yeah, some of the cooler kids did pick on me.  In 10th grade a kid named Scott Thomas constantly made fun of my bad skin.  We were in the cafeteria one morning and he said, "Wow, it looks like you've got a bunch of snake bites on your face."

I'd had it.  I punched Scott Thomas in the mouth and the blood instantly started to flow.  As he wiped his mouth with his hand and looked at all the blood, he cried, "Don't you know you're not supposed to hit a kid with braces??" And me, still holding my fist up ready to strike another blow, said, "You can only take so much shit!"  It was a total bad-ass moment.

Probably what experts would recommend, but that ass**** never bothered me again. 

But now, both kids can get expelled or suspended for fighting, so there are some better ways to handle it.

Check them out here in this great article from Parents Magazine.

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