Steve-O's Weekend: Campfires, Cleaning Projects and I Shaved My Head

The weekend started with a camp fire at a friends house, got most of the kids to hunt for snipes which I love getting kids to do because I hunted for em' for way too long so I'm passing on the tradition.  This is a group picture we took before the kids went back to an intense game of hide and go seek in the dark.

After spending three hours cleaning the garage at our house (which still isn't done) I went and had my head shaved.  It was part of St. Baldricks which helps raise money for cancer research, specifically I shaved for Tough Like Ike, an awesome kid in Rogers who's battled Leukemia.  

Saturday night hosted the Bud Light Roof Top party with Bud Light in Uptown and it the party was awesome.  This is early on in the night, ended up staying an hour later just because I was having so much fun.  

We've never been to any of the Minneapolis farmers markets and finally made it to the Lindale farmers market Linden Hills on Sunday where Olivia got a sweet Henna Tattoo.  

Note:  I keep calling it the Lindale Farmers Market and I don't know why.  

After the farmers market, we ventured over to Wild Rumpus, a kids bookstore that I'm sure everyone else has been too but I hadn't and thought it was really cool.  It feels so different than going into a Barnes and Noble or shopping for a book on Amazon, it was a lot of fun and of course, the kids both got a book. 

The weekend was good: I worked out, I got to go outside and suck in the last few minutes of summer before mother nature turns on us like a scolded wench.  Until then...I'm gonna enjoy as much of it as I can. 

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