Dave's Weekend in Five Photos September 8-10

Wow, did you notice that regular weekends go so much faster than 3-day weekends?  :)

I hope you got out and enjoyed the summer weather.  Next weekend looks kinda dicey!  Anyhoo, here's my weekend summed up in five photos!

Starting off with Friday night, we went to the Chanhassen HS football game.  It's always fun to see the neighbors and cheer on the team.  Plus we get to see Carson in the band.

Last weekend on a whim, we went to the U of M Landscape Arboretum which is just down the road in Chanhappnin'.  I used to run there all the time when I first started running almost 20 years ago, but hadn't run there in years.  Well, my visit last week inspired me and I ran there Saturday. Of course, with all the beautiful plants and flowers there, I didn't think to get any of that in the photo!

I was asked to play "Taps" at a memorial service for a Korean War veteran on Saturday.  What an honor.  I didn't play as well as I wanted to but it meant a lot to honor this man and his family.  That's me with my trumpet on the left.

I brag that I don't watch a lot of TV and I'm glad I don't.  If you take away the TV watching part, you are literally laying almost completely still for an hour or more.  Notice how still you are next time you're watching TV.  Plus I have a huge thing about NOT watching other people live their lives when I should be living mine.

HOWEVER...I was setting up Netflix on a new wi-fi and it suggested "Strangers Things" so I watched the first episode on Saturday.  Then Sunday I watched another one.  It's definitely not great but I'll keep watching.  I feel like it was written for kids because it's just so silly.  I mean come on, the girl, Eleven, understands English perfectly, but has never heard of the words "promise" or "friend"?  But she obviously understands every other word the kids say.

AND since I just saw "It" this show seems just like "It."  Misfit kids, clueless adults, some mysterious monster takes one of the kids and the rest of them go searching for it while dodging bullies. Coincidence?

Sunday morning, I went downtown to run the course of the Dave Ryan 5K for Special Olympics.  I was going to wear a Go Pro on my head and then speed up the run so it happened in 1 minute.  But you know how f**king technology is.  My brand new Go Pro, stopped working just like every other Go Pro I've ever owned.  My recommendation:  Do not buy one, borrow one.  Nothing is worse than a camera that fails you when you really counted on using it.

So I took this picture near the start of the run.  Carson and I actually got lost on the run because I took a turn onto Nicollette Island so we had to backtrack and ended up running an extra mile.

Speaking of the 5K, it's this Thursday and we are way behind in the number of people who've signed up.

Sign up here.

Or, Sponsor me here.

Have a great week! Thanks for looking at my blog!

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