Why You Should Shake My Hand

I thought of this today for some reason and thought I'd share it with you.

Two brothers were born in about 1855.  In about 1862, when they were 7, they met Abraham Lincoln and shook his hand.

Years later, about 1925, these brothers lived in Central Montana.  They were about 70 years old by then. They used to tell people, "If you shake my hand, you've shaken a hand that's shaken hands with Abraham Lincoln."

Okay that's kind of cool.

My dad met them one day because he grew up near where they lived.  And of course, the brothers told him the line about shaking hands with Abe Lincoln, so my dad shook their hand.

And of course, I've shaken my dad's hand.

So if you and I shake hands, you'll have shaken hand with someone who's shaken hands with someone who's shaken hands with someone who shook Abraham Lincoln's hand.

That's kinda cool.

So where is this gonna happen?  Maybe at the Dave Ryan 5K for Special Olympics, MN!  Sign up now!

If not, I hope I run into you somewhere so we can make this happen!

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