Dave's Weekend in Five Photos Sept. 1-4 & a Bonus!

Hope you had a great last weekend of official summer!  I had the right combination of relaxing and doing.  Let's start off with a visit to the fair.  Allison and Carson were supposed to both come with us, but Carson got invited to a friend's cabin so it was just us with Allison. Food choices included Spam Nuggets, Corn on the Cob, Lobster on a Stick, S'mores, Gizmo, Garlic Fries, Jamaican Beef Patty, and Noodles.

Saturday afternoon, everyone abandoned me so I said, "Screw this! I'm going to go ride my longboard!" So I drove down to Lake Ann Park in Chan where there's lots of pretty flat trails.  No wipe-outs, no broken bones.

Saturday night, my son Chase anchored his first newscast in Colorado Springs!  We watched the stream and he did great!

I LOVED Roller Coaster Tycoon when it was new back around 2000.  One day I sat and played it literally all day and didn't even notice how the day passed until it started getting dark.  I don't even think I got dressed that day.

It came out for the 3DS a few years ago and I couldn't wait and it SUCKED HARD!

But the iPhone version is awesome.  And I admit, I sat and played it way too much this weekend!

This is Nathan and his wife Alyssa.  Nathan listens to our show and he's my buddy on the social medias. He rides, I ride, so we all rode down to Henderson, MN to the Roadhaus on Monday.  Thanks for lunch Nate and Alyssa!  No one EVER buys me lunch or drinks and I totally appreciated that! (Well, actually Falen does buy me Caribou every now and then!  Also my apologies for very likely spelling Alyssa's name wrong!)

After the motorcycle ride, we wanted to do something with Carson since we barely saw him this weekend, so we went to the U of M Landscape Arboretum.  When I first started running, about 18 years ago, I ran there all the time, but I hadn't been in probably 10 years or so.  It's still awesome AND they now have a hedge maze which was super fun!

Have a great short week!  Thanks for looking at my blog!

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