20 Celebrities Who Aren't As Nice As We Thought

Okay this article is kind of a guilty pleasure and super-gossipy and probably not even true.  But it's kind of fun to read.

I've never met Mike Myers but he was funny and nice when I interviewed him once on the phone.

And Michael Jordan seems nice.  You don't hear anything bad about him..

Some of these bad encounters were about the celebrity refusing to sign and autograph.  That totally makes sense to me. If a big celebrity like Cameron Diaz is out somewhere and just being a regular person, can you imagine what would happen if she stopped to sign one autograph or take one selfie? She'd never get out of there.  So I give any celebrity a pass when they say no to a selfie or autograph, unless they're specifically there to meet people.

Here's the entire article.  Enjoy!

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