Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures August 25-27

Did you have a good weekend?  I'm hoping you did!  Maybe you got to the state fair or hung with your friends or just chilled...Either way I hope you had a good one!  Here are five pics from my weekend.

Parents love teaching their kids stuff, right?  I taught Carson how to replace the turn signal light in his car and how to paint over some scratches.  He dripped black pain on the driveway, but he got it done!

It rained at the fair pretty much all day Saturday, which really wasn't so bad.  It just meant that when we met people, we had to take a selfie under an umbrella!

Saturday night I watched the Mayweather/McGreggor fight.  It was good and all but by the time it actually started, I had trouble staying awake and can barely remember it.  And I don't have a picture to post of me laying on the couch, so let's move on!

These two Woodbury cops came up to say hi as we were getting ready for the Woodbury Days parade. Good meeting you both and thanks for what you do!

And that's my boy Carson on bass drum during the parade!

And we had a great time playing in the parade.  Thanks Woodbury, for having us!

Thanks for looking at my blog and have a good week!  

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