Steve-O's Wknd Five Pictues: Celebrating Birthdays and a Wet Dog

Wanna work out?  Try taking six little boys out for a bowling and laser tag birthday party.  No problems but we had a group of little girls two lanes over and the decibel level and ability to stand in a line to bowl was lost on the group of boys.  

Two of the dad's whose kids came to the party ended up sticking around the help so we turned laser tag into a match between kids and parents. I don't wanna brag but I was a sharpshooter: ducking, running, rolling down the ramps, leaping behind barriers.  Parents won but to avoid tears we didn't tell them how much we won by....

Saturday Olivia had a birthday party, I had to host a Bud Light Rooftop Party so my mom and Isaac went swimming and ended up at the Maple Grove library.  Caught this picture.  

Saturday night we went to Acqua in White Bear Lake for our friend Andee's birthday and ended up afterwards at the Lookout in Maple Grove.  If you see Andee ask her about her killer trap horn impression, it's pretty great.  

Last but not least, the kids and I took Charlie for the first time in a month, everytime the dogs ends up in the pond and the kids his skinny legs hysterical.  

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