Why the Space X Falcon 9 Launch Has My Family Psyched for Space Travel

A little over a week ago my family was in Disney but one of the highlights of the trip was the hour drive to Kennedy Space Center.  We have a son and a daughter who are interested in space but after seeing the Space X Falcon 9 in person we as a family are obsessed with it.  

Space X leases land from the US Government and yesterday they launched a re-supply rocket into space heading for the International Space Station.

This alone is amazing but the fact that after launching, the main rocket, the Falcon 9 releases a second rocket that travels slowly for 36 hours to the space station while the main rocket LOWERS BACK  AND LANDS IN THE EXACT SPOT THAT IS LAUNCHED!!!!  They've been doing this for awhile but after seeing the rocket in-person the energy to make a controlled landing like this has to be incredible. 

You get the idea that I'm excited but my kids are more excited than me and I'm hoping it's gonna make a lasting impact on their future.

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