Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/11 - 8/13

Friday night our kickball league had an our end of season party.  There were lots of flip cup competitions including a King of the Hill version where about 50 people competed against each other in a single elimination flip cup game.  I only made it to the 7th round of about 20.

Only about half of Balls & Boujee made it and here we are...

I went to Coldplay Saturday night with a few girlfriends and had an amazing time.  The theatrics, pyro, music, Chris Martin's wit and humor, just everything was great.  I heard the nose bleed seats made the sound a little hard to hear but luckily we were in the section second to the top so everything sounded great for us.  Even if you're not a huge Coldplay fan, I suggest seeing them in concert if you ever get a chance! 

I worked Sunday at my serving job and when I got home I was pretty useless from having a busy weekend so I started watching a show Falen recommended on Netflix called "Friends From College" and so far, I'm a big fan!

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