Flying To Fight Lyme Disease

How does flying help fight Lyme disease?  Meet Michelle. She was at a Lyme disease fundraiser and she bid in a silent auction on a flight with me, and she won!  So I picked her and her friend Rob up at the St. Paul downtown airport for a flight!  And yes, when you fly with me, I sit back and make you do some of the work!

Love this view of downtown St. Paul.

We flew over Redwing, MN!


This is kind of a cool picture because you can see a big airliner passing me me on the left.  It's not as scary as it might look.  The big guys fly up higher and we little guys stay down lower out of their airspace.  Still, it's not often you see a big plane this close from another plane.

Thanks Michelle and Rob for flying with me!  

I didn't know much about Lyme disease before I got to talk to Michelle and Rob.  I didn't realize how vulnerable we are here in Minnesota with the ticks we have here and how often we are outdoors.  Anyone can get Lyme disease and it can be fatal.

You can find out more about the fight against Lyme disease here.

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