Dave's Weekend in Five Photos August 4-6

Happy Monday!

Maybe you heard that I was in Colorado last week for a family reunion.  Susan, Carson and I drove out there and spent the week getting everything ready.  We also found time for Carson tour the Colorado State University Campus, see "Baby Driver" and "Dunkirk" and get some painting and other jobs done at the house there.

This picture is from Saturday when we had about 50 relatives out for the reunion.  Some came from 10 minutes away, some came from a few days away.  It was great though.  Always fun to catch up and reminisce.

Okay this is super-shallow but I was really impressed when one of my cousins pulled up in a freakin' Bentley!  Hey Falen, do any of YOUR relatives drive a Bentley??? ;)

What's this all over the ground?  Water balloons.  If you're having a family event and kids are coming, get water balloons.  I promise they'll love them and never get bored.

We went to dinner in Manitou Springs, CO, just outside of Colorado Springs and I loved seeing Allison and Carson sharing an umbrella.

And what do kids do on a road trip?  They sleep.  This is Carson somewhere in Kansas catching some Z's.

Check out my Facebook page, cuz I want to know, if you were on a road trip and stopped at a gas station, what two snack items and one drink would you buy?  This is important stuff!  

Let the world know your answer by clicking here!

Have a great week!  Enjoy what's left of summer!  Thanks for looking at my blog!

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