Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: BSB & a Dog Parade

I picked up a shift at my serving job Friday night and it happened to be the northeast dog parade so I got see a bunch of adorable dogs while I made money, #winning!

I didn't work too late so I decided to head to my friend's party and if you haven't heard me talk about this yet, I'm training for a Sprint Triathlon and limiting myself to one night a week that I get to drink.  I decided to skip drinking this night although I was surrounded by this mess: 

I wanted to try something different so I attempted infusing a watermelon with vodka for before the BSB concert on Saturday night.  All the instructions I read said that I needed 12 hours to do this but after 12 hours the vodka hadn't soaked in so it turned out to be an epic fail. If you've successfully infused a watermelon before tweet me @jennykdwb!

I went to the Backstreet Boys concert with 3 of my best friends and here we are just having a fabulous time before it even started. 

We did have nose bleed seats but honestly with a view like this and the big screens, I could have cared less.  I love Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line, add in a little Nelly and a finale with all of them, and voila, you have an epic stadium concert!

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