Dave's Weekend in Five Photos! July 21-23

Hope you had a great weekend!  I knew mine would be busy and it was.  Saturday I took up Jaclyn and her boyfriend Tom for a flight.  She won the flight on our "Summer Bucket List" contest so we flew over Paisley Park, Lake Minnetonka and up to Buffalo where we landed and let them switch places to they both could take the controls.  (See the video in an earlier blog post)  Thanks for flying with me Jaclyn and Tom!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday and tons of people were out on their boats.   This is a shot Jaclyn took of Excelsior Bay and St. Alban's Bay on Minnetonka.

Susan and I rode the motorcycle to The Loop restaurant in The West End on Saturday and I got the Mac n Cheese and Bacon pizza.  It was awesome!  And I figured, hey, everybody should take pictures of their food once in awhile, right? :)

Then we stopped at Headflyer Brewing in Northeast and played games for a few hours to kill time, then to the Aquatennial Fireworks!  We got there about 10 minutes before they started and found a great spot near the Guthrie.  The fireworks were, of course, amazing.

Sunday was a little more relaxed.  I took Josie for a walk and I just love this trail in Chanhassen that looks like a tunnel of trees.  Notice the plastic bag clipped to her leash?  When she poops, I make her carry it. It's not a punishment, I just don't want to carry it myself!

Thanks for looking at my blog, and have a great week!

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