Why Am I Single? Josh from Worst Date Wednesday

Josh is a contractor in the cities and single, he's also hilarious and shared with us our favorite Worst Date Wednesday.  If you don't know the story, here's what happened. 

If you've heard Josh and want to meet him sometime for a date then you can send him an email: joshisensee@yahoo.com

Worst Date Wednesday Story

So I just moved here not long ago and decide to try match .com so with really no luck of meeting or even recieving a response to an email 

This one girl finally responds .  From her pics she is smoking hot .  We talk email for a couple weeks finally we talk on phone decide to meet for a date .

So I suggest wild hockey game .  I've never been to hockey game and thought hey what cool date hot chick first game what could go wrong .

So I go to pick up let's say her name is betty .

When I meet her at her apt she looks like she aged 60 yrs from the pics she posted on profile I'm like oooo shit .  I'm taking grandma to game ok whatever I spent like few hundred on getting tickets one row off ice .so I gotta roll with it .

We first go to bar x from event I have a beer she orders vodka coke ok but by the time I even take two drinks she already pounds the mixer like a frat boy at his first party orders another .

I'm like what the heck she's a about 90 lbs wet and now she just pounded 2 vodka drink to my 1 beer 

I'm thinking maybe she is nervous or something what ever .

So we walk to stadium on the walk she is already little tipsy .  We get in and we are little late the national anthem is playing we have to wait to be seated .  The lady who is to show us our seats and I strike convo I tell her it's my first game she like o honey you need to get your puck n go down after game to meet some players I'm likke wow crazy favour rite how cool .  Betty is getting jealous of me talking to this 80 yr old n like let's go to our seats I say one second I'm just finishing talking she proceeds to go down the stairs and takes 3 steps I turn to see her falling and bam cracks her head on concrete stairs gets knocked out I drop nachos n get to her I tell her betty your at a hockey game you just fell n hit your head.  Your ok but I m going to pick you up n carry you to medical help ok.

So I carry her up stairs to medical room her head is split wide n bleeding all over the medical team wraps her up n gets us over to hospital where o sit with her for 4 hours to see doctor . So we finally see doctor n they give her 15 stiches and a c scan the scan finds her for head to be fractured n needs immediate surgery to remove the bone fragment that is pushing on eye ball.  Ok so now it's 10 11 pm and being rushed to another hospital I tell her hey don't you think you should call your parents or someone and let them know what happen she's like no it's ok you can leave I'm like I can't just leave you here like what not my style .so long story short it's not till 6 am when she gets out of surgery I take her home and sit with her watching tv for a couple hours to make sure she wasn't going to pass out or something install her ok I'll call you .and leave 

So few days she's texting me o I'm so sorry I fell n ruined our date bla bla bla so I feel bad like ok she wants to take me to dinner as kind gesture for staying with her .  So we go to dinner and she has 3 glasses of wine b4 we even get out meal I'm now like darn this chick is straight up alcoholic.  

As were leaving restaurant she falls out of booth being so drunk from wine I'm super embarrsed n take her home and tell her sorry we got different goals in life .  

So maybe instead of match Dave Ryan show hooks a kind guy up with a non alholic lady lol .


Here are some pictures he has on his profile.  

Here's his Match.com profile which may give us some insight. 

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