Dave's Weekend in Five Photos July 14-16

Who's weekend can be partly summarized by a picture of nasty, stinky, fermenting fish in a can?  Mine!

I ate this stuff on the show Friday and lemme tell ya, it stuck with me all weekend.  It wasn't until Saturday that I got that smell out of my nose and off my fingers.  It smelled like a combination of porta-john and rotten crotch.  GROSS!

Friday night the family went to Benihana and since it's close to the station, my daughter Allison wanted to meet Raven, who does our night show.  They have always reminded me of each other.  They're only a few weeks apart in age, have similar personalities and are both super tiny.  Raven has even borrowed Allison's snowboard clothes.  But they'd never met so it was cool to finally get them together. 

I LOVE airplanes and Saturday I went to the big airshow at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie.  This is just one of the planes they had up flying, a World War 2 B-17 bomber.  There are only a few of them left that are still flying.  It could be argued that this plane won the war for us.

Carson wasn't feeling good so he cuddled up with Josie and yes, Josie is wearing a diaper because she won't stop peeing in the house.

Sunday morning I went out for a long walk and it was about 85 degrees.  Wearing the black shirt was a bad idea but I still got three miles in!  Woo-Hoo!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Thanks for looking at my blog!  I appreciate YOU!

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