I'm Back! Check out Photos From My Hike!

It's great to be back!  I've never in my life been gone from any job for two weeks, so quick shout-out to my boss, Rich, for letting me do this!  It was a rare-opportunity to hike for 12 days in New Mexico with Carson's Boy Scout Troop at Philmont Scout Ranch.

It's HUGE and we hike for 84 miles and only saw a little bit of the ranch.

This is me on day three, still looking moderately fresh.

This is Carson on the morning of day 6.  He woke up feeling like crap and he's catching a quick rest before we took off hiking for the day.

The highlight for most of the people who come to Philmont is climbing Mt. Baldy.  It's 12,000+ feet and we got lost coming up and got off the trail so basically we had to scramble over boulder for about 500 yards to make it.  This is me at the top, and a shout out to my Only in MN hat!

Just so we could say we did, I brought a chess set to the top of the mountain and played a game with one of the boys.

The boys loved the burros!  BTW, the boys on the left were from California.  They were so friendly and awesome, but we gave them crap because they brought Kale chips as a snack.  Who the eff eats Kale chips???

And me on the second to the last day about about 900 feet.  Base camp is in the distance and we were almost there!

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