Steve-O's Wknd in 5 Pics: Babies in Our Yard and I look Fly! (7/7-7/9)

Spent a lot of time outside over the weekend, my wife and I were outside when we saw a bird with a worm sneak under our deck.  We followed and found this.  Pretty cool, three baby birds living under our deck.  

Baby bird

More nature and a question, this caterpillar I swear it had two "heads" is that normal.  The side you can see in this picture looks exactly like the other side, is that just what they look like sometimes or is this unique?  

Isaac requested I take a picture of him with what he called "the biggest piece of pizza ever".  

Birthday party on Sunday and after Falen told me that my sense of fashion in the summer is horrible I decided to put this on.  

Not all pictures on my phone make sense, case in point, I think I took a picture of this because I found it beautiful but at this point who knows. 

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