Missing Finger Monday starring the missing digit "Frank"

Morgan's dad story of losing his finger.

Hello, I am submitting this for my dad. I am also telling the story how I saw it when I was (i think 12?)So he was sawing pieces of wood for an ice house he was building and was wearing (so dumb) large, thick gloves while sawing. The board got caught and flipped, hitting his hand into the saw. He thought it just nicked his finger but got the glove. He continues working (side note it is really cold so he could hardly feel his fingers anyway), and then cut to a few minutes later he takes it off and see his finger dangling by some skin (EW) he goes into the house to get my mom to go to the hospital and of course gets blood all over and doesn't clean it up.He goes to the hospital and they attempt to save it and it turns black and blue (see below). The worst part for me was we all got off the bus after school and just see blood everywhere and I freak out thinking someone is going to be dead and shoved into a closet. Lucky enough it was just my dad's finger being cut off.Thanks for your time!!(Sorry for the bad photo quality, this was when he had a flip phone)

MFM Story #2

I am sending you before and after pictures of my son who cut his right middle and third finger and the tip of his pinky finger.   My daughter took the picture of the before picture.  This was about 3 – 4 years ago What happened.  Well my son thought it would be a good idea to get into a fight with the lawnmower. The lawnmower was shut off but it was clogged he decided to use his hand to clear the blades, once he did the lawnmower started up and cut his fingers.   I was at work when it happened.  He drove by my mom’s house and said hey meet me at the hospital I cut my fingers.  My daughter and another family member went to the house that he was cutting grass for and found both of the fingers, but they could not reattach them. 

After surgery

MFM #3

My name is Tammy and my friend, Dave, has a missing digit. He calls him Frank and even has a little crocheted "sleeve" that he wears that is a Frankenstein. True story! Recently got married to a women from the Philippines & would you know it, Frank happens to be on his ring finger 😂😂 I have attached a video of Frank Olympics .

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