Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: Basilica & Kickball Playoffs

I normally have some free time on the weekends but this weekend I had zero.  I spent Friday afternoon laying by my pool and catching up with one of my college best friend's and then we headed to Basilica at night.  I love Basilica but it's so hard to pick which concerts to go to sometimes.  We decided to see NeedToBreathe and Brandi Carlile.  Both were amazing and how awesome is the view of downtown from this stage?

Saturday was playoffs for the kickball league I've been on the past couple of months.  Unfortunately my team, Balls and Boujee, got out the first round because some of our best players couldn't make it and we actually ended up being short people but it was still a ton of fun! This is the crew that made it to playoffs on Saturday: 

If you know anything about me you probably know that I like to party so of course I had to bring a beer paintstick to playoffs to chug beers with because who likes to just casually drink? 

Beer Paintstick

After playoffs we all headed to The Fremont, our bar sponsor, to play flip cup and keep the party rolling. The quality of this picture is probably an accurate view of how I was feeling after 6 hours of drinking already. 

And then Saturday night I managed to rally and go out for a friend's birthday party.  I didn't get a picture with the birthday boy because there were a ton of people at this party but here I am with his roommate Alex, and my friend Kelsey. 

Next weekend I have absolutely NO plans and except binge-watching Shameless on Netflix and sleeping.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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