Some of Your Favorite Clothing Lines at Target Are Going Away!

Target shoppers, get ready for some changes. The store is getting rid of some of their brands we know and love, like Mossimo and Merona, but they’re updating things and bringing in fresh new brands.

Fans of the store may have already noticed some of the changes. Last year, Target replaced the Cherokee and Circo kids’ lines with Cat & Jackand it boosted sales. And they’ve added the brand Art Class for older kids, too.

In all, Target is adding 12 new clothing, accessories, and home decor lines. They’ve already previewed four of them: women’s clothing line A New Day, men’s line Goodfellow & Co, “edgier” athleisure line JoyLab, and modern home decor brand Project 62.

The idea is to update their clothing and design items to compete with companies like Amazon, so Target will be changing over half of their clothing and accessory lines and a third of their home decor lines over the next two years. Sadly, the new brands won’t have the huge sales we’re used to, but the stores are upgrading to fancier lighting and getting new mannequins, so it’s more like shopping in a boutique. Let’s just hope these changes don’t change our love for Target.

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