Jenny's 4th of July Weekend in Five Pics: White Party & Cabins

I had quite the eventful holiday weekend that I feel like I need a vacation from being on vacation.  Does that ever happen to you? Anywhos! I kicked off America's bday weekend by attending the White Party at Crave Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun and probably because of the holiday weekend, not overly packed so that was an added bonus. 

I headed to Wisconsin on Sunday to go to my friend's cabin.  Normally it's a pretty crazy weekend with lots of friends and family but not as many people could make it this year because of the 4th landing on a Tuesday so it was much more chill and that was perfectly fine with me after staying up until 6am after the White Party on Saturday/Sunday. 

My friend just got a puppy a month ago and he's only swam once so he has to wear this life vest when he's on the boat or in the water and it's not only the cutest but one of the funniest things I've seen. 

I forced my friends to get decked out in America gear one day and take selfies so that's what we have here... I was back in Minneapolis Tuesday night so I headed down to the Stone Arch Bridge to watch the fireworks.  While it was a good show, we got stuck in clusters of crowds and I became that rude person pushing my way through because I don't do well on bridges or when I'm feeling claustrophobic, so I  apologize if you happened to be there and I pushed my way past you.  

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