We eat an enormous amount of bugs each year

This new report is not for the weak...

According to an insect control company named Terro, it’s possible for a person to eat nearly 140,000 pieces of bugs each year. Say what!?!??! 140,000?!?!?!

And while this might sound disgusting, Terro says it’s normal and completely safe.

Believe it or not, the government allows a small amount of insect material to pass into our food. The exact number depends on what the food is but, in general, processed foods have more insect fragments and foods that are consumed whole have more complete insects. Ok, gross.

For example, broccoli and berries have a lot of complete insects hiding in there, just waiting to be chomped on –- and stuff like cinnamon, ground pepper, and wheat flour have a bunch of insect fragments.


Source: Terro

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